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Adobe Photoshop freeware alternative?

Infopackets Reader Helen M. writes: " Dear Dennis, I need your advice once again. I am 80 years old and have gone back to work as a volunteer; one of my jobs is to make up posters. I only have Microsoft Word, which is not [exactly] ideal for making ... posters, and I don't want to invest in an expensive software such as Adobe Photoshop. The price to learn it at The Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT) in New York City is $275! Can you recommend [an Adobe Photoshop freeware alternative] that is inexpensive and easy to use? I am computer literate. I thank you for all you do. " My Response: Off the ... (view more)

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'RealWorld Paint 2013.1', and 'Xfire 1.155.46139'

RealWorld Paint 2013.1 This program is designed to help you create your own logos, Internet icons, and web buttons. It can also be used to adjust and improve your favorite photographs using touch-up, resize, and crop features. You can even use ... RealWorld Paint to create your very own animated images. Xfire 1.155.46139 If there's three things gamers love, it's playing with friends, tracking their stats, and showing off their best in-game moments. Xfire allows you to do all of that, giving users the ability to chat with friends, keep tabs on their in-game progress, and ... (view more)

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'V-Grep', and 'Paint Star'

V-Grep V-Grep is an easy to use while feature-rich application that brings regular expressions power to Windows users. Even in DOS you could use 'masks', to speed-up searching for files. Masks are special types of strings that with the help of ... reserved characters; for example: an asterisk and question mark allow you to easily describe complex patterns. Sounds complicated? It isn't. A very simple expression '*.txt' describes every string that ends with '.txt' phrase. Regular expressions use basic concept of masks, but they add even more special characters that can represent definite number of ... (view more)

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Create Icons and Cursors with Paint.NET

It is possible to customize icons and cursors with MS Windows. For example: software developers often create custom icons for their applications; even webmasters and bloggers use icons (called the "favicon") for their websites. Recently, I came ... across an exemplary freeware alternative, called Paint.NET . In many ways, Paint.NET is a mix between Photoshop, Paint Shop, and MS Paint. While there aren't very many freeware plug-ins available for Paint.NET, they are both easy to install and easy to run. By itself, Paint.NET cannot edit .ICO and .CUR files; however, one plug-in in particular (aptly ... (view more)

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