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Bing Search Debut Reignites Yahoo, MS Merger Talk

Yahoo is once again addressing partnership rumors with Microsoft, only this time adding more insight into what it would take for the two companies to strike an eventual deal: boatloads of money! A few months back, a potential Microsoft/Yahoo ... partnership was suggested that would see the two mega-companies pool their resources in an attempt to lure away a percentage of computer users who use Google search. At the time, Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer was pressing the issue, while Yahoo CEO Carol Bartz was honoring initial conversations, though nothing eventually came of these talks. Microsoft's ... (view more)

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'YouTube for Television' to launch via Sony and Nintendo

YouTube has announced a partnership with Sony and Nintendo to create "YouTube for Television". As the name suggests, users can now watch their favorite Internet videos on their big-screen television sets. What's the catch? Since YouTube for ... Television runs over the Internet, the link needed to log onto the service is only accessible via a game console. Since the partnership is exclusive to Sony and Nintendo, the user first needs to pick up a PlayStation 3 or Wii to start watching television-displayed YouTube videos. Conspicuous by its absence in the partnership is Microsoft and its Xbox 360. ... (view more)

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Sun and Intel to Announce Partnership

It's rumored that server and software maker Sun Microsystems Inc. is in the process of finalizing a partnership with popular computer chip manufacturer Intel Corp. The conditions of the deal will have Sun using chips produced solely by Intel, while ... Intel will agree to endorse Sun's Solaris operating systems. The individual that released the details of the partnership to the media has requested anonymity because of the refusal for comment by both Sun and Intel CEO's. However, the two companies have scheduled an upcoming joint conference in San Francisco that many believe will signal the public ... (view more)

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Two Peas in a Pod: Google and NASA

Between Google's acquisitions and new program launches, the company has still managed to find time to create a partnership with space conglomerate NASA. Google and NASA have come together to sign the Space Act Agreement. The agreement will enable ... the two companies to collaboratively develop a system which will make it easy for people to find weather forecasting data, view high-resolution 3D maps of the moon and Mars, and track the International Space Station in real time. (Source: ) Although the partnership may not seem to be the most natural fit at first, it actually makes ... (view more)

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Microsoft and HP Form $300M Partnership

Microsoft and Hewlett-Packard (HP) announced last Wednesday that the two companies will be joining in a $300 million, three year partnership. The aim of the "People-Ready Business" duo is to attract more large business customers. (Source: ... ) With HP making the most personal computers and Microsoft holding the title of the world's largest software maker, the partnership offers mutual potential to each party. In a statement released last Wednesday, Microsoft called HP "the most comprehensive partner we have," a great accomplishment since the software giant has over 640,000 partners ... (view more)

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BBC and Microsoft to Partner Up

The British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) and Microsoft have signed a non-exclusive memorandum of understanding that outlines the future partnership between the two organizations. The BBC recently released a statement asserting that the memorandum ... signals the intent of the two companies to determine similar interests, which can lead to the formation of a strategic alliance. (Source: ) Although little details were provided at a press conference held on last Wednesday, BBC's Director General Mark Thompson indicated that the joint projects between the two companies involve creating ... (view more)

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