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Hackers Demand $3.6M To Restore Hospital Computers

A California hospital has been unable to use its computer system for more than a week thanks to a ransomware attack. The hackers are said to be demanding more than $3 million in return for returning access. The Hollywood Presbytarian Medical Center ... has confirmed the attack but is keeping many of the details quiet. Local news outlets say it doesn't appear any personal data has been compromised and no patients have been put at medical risk. However, the attack has been highly disruptive. Staff are having to register new patients and update medical records on paper. Some patients and family ... (view more)

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Service Links Patients with Doctors Via Video Chat

A new service aims to connect people with a real doctor through their Internet-connected device. It's called telemedicine, and for some people it could be the most efficient way to receive a diagnosis and access a prescription. The service is being ... offered by American Well, which says it's the first company to connect patients to doctors via live video chat sessions. American Well (AW) is by no means the first 'telemedicine' company -- Teladoc, First Stop Health, and Apogee Doctor On Call all connect patients with doctors using a phone line -- but AW is the first firm to allow medical ... (view more)

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Doctors Use Microchip Technology to Recover Nerves

It all started with a car crash victim. The nerve sensations in the right part of his body were completely incapacitated, rendering the patient's entire right side useless. After a number of years passed by, with no signs of recovery, the patient ... willingly succumbed to amputation and finally gave up on his hopes of ever regaining the mobility that was lost so many years ago. Fortunately, the entire episode was monitored by Dr. Doug Zochodne, a Calgary-based doctor who felt enough empathy for the young man's situation that he lobbied the Government of Canada for financial assistance in ... (view more)

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Study Suggests iPods Can Cause Pacemaker Malfunctions

A new study has found that iPods and pacemakers can be a harmful mixture. The idea for such a connection did not initially come from a Cardiovascualar doctor, but from a Michigan teenager. 17-year-old Jay Thaker, whose father wears a pacemaker, ... approached Dr. Krit Jongnarangsin from the University of Michigan to run some tests on the possibility of pacemaker interference from iPods. (Source: ) "We took patients from a pacemaker clinic, got consent, and we put the pacemaker programmer on them to view what was going on inside the pacemaker on a screen," Thaker explained. "And then ... (view more)

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