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Voting Poll Results, Plus Answers to FAQs

Regarding our vote on February 15, 2012 -- I have read approximately 1,000 comments from readers, along with their ballots. I will provide insight with regard to the findings, as well as address some issues. This post is approximately 1,500 words. I ... realize some of you won't want to read all of it and just want the results. So, I would like to begin by saying this: According to the results of the vote, I am pleased to announce that Infopackets will remain online. Moving forward: all users will retain access to everything that they have now and well into the future. This includes free access ... (view more)

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Faulty Microsoft Payment System Stiffs App Developers

Microsoft is drawing heavy criticism this morning after it was revealed that the company's Windows Mobile Marketplace could be denying app developers large amounts of money due to flaws in the Redmond-based firm's payment system. Microsoft received ... an overwhelming number of complaints from angry software developers claiming that the company owes them "thousands of dollars" in revenue for their Windows Mobile apps (applications). Even those producers who made changes to their account to qualify for quick payment were said to be denied their rightful earnings. Faulty Payment System to Blame The ... (view more)

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