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Could Windows 7 Revive PC Gaming?

So, just who will be switching over to Windows 7 as soon as it arrives this October? According to the CEO of software development company Stardock, gamers should be amongst the first. In an interview this week, Stardock CEO Brad Wardell reported ... that he expects a significant improvement in Windows 7 over Vista in the way it handles video games. "It would be good if everybody switched to Windows 7 as quickly as possible," Wardell said. Windows 7 Improves Game Functionality According to Wardell, the new Windows 7 operating system is simply friendlier to gamers. For instance, a tool called ... (view more)

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PC Gaming Gets Industry Boost

Hardware manufacturers and software publishers have banded together to try to boost the depressed PC gaming market. They've formed the PC Gaming Alliance (PCGA), the first organisation ever dedicated to that cause. The non-profit group's aims ... include "driving coordinated marketing and promotion of PC gaming...and creating forums for member companies to cooperate on solutions to challenges facing the PC gaming industry, such as hardware requirements and anti piracy." Members include graphics card rivals ATI and NVidia, hardware firms like Intel and Acer, games producers Epic and Activision, ... (view more)

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