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PiXPO Review

I like creating online photo albums. It provides an easy way to share photos with friends and family. Keeping track of who I should notify every time I have new pictures is a little more complicated, however. I personally don't like posting pictures ... to the Web and having them visible to anyone who happens to wander by my site: password protection keeps out unwanted visitors, but it isn't very convenient and you still have to email everyone who needs the password. And let's be honest -- creating a website with password protection isn't easy for the majority of Internet users. So, what other ... (view more)

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InAlbum Review

With the summer holiday season in full swing, many of us are snapping photos with our digital cameras to remember those special moments. Unfortunately, most software packages that come standard with our beloved cameras make it difficult to organize ... photos into meaningful presentations, let alone share them with friends and family. Introducing InAlbum: a feature-packed photo organizer InAlbum is an easy-to-use picture organizer that turns ordinairy digital photos into stunning theme-based photo albums, chalk-full of animations, clipart, and sound. Presentations can be shared online the web, ... (view more)

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FlipAlbum 5 Suite Review

How do you manage your digital pictures? A few weeks ago, Adriel Tan of E-Book Systems, Inc. sent me an email and asked if I would review a digital photo management program, called FlipAlbum 5 Suite. I thought that this would be a great opportunity ... to explore something new, especially since the software which came with my digital camera does not allow me to share my photos easily with friends. With this in mind, I downloaded and installed FlipAlbum 5 Suite on my machine. Here's what I found: FlipAlbum 5 Suite: a quick list of Features FlipAlbum is a unique software that organizes photos on ... (view more)


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