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Severe Android Voicemail Bug Hijacks Phones Remotely

Google has warned users of some Android handsets to turn off some voice call features. A series of vulnerabilities could mean attackers can compromise a handset just by knowing its phone number. The problem involves four vulnerabilities in a ... Samsung-made component called an Exynos chipset. It's used for voice calls made over mobile data rather than the voice network. At the time of writing, Google says the affected products include phones made by Samsung (A04, A12, A13, A21s, A33, A53, A71, M12, M13, M33, S22), Google itself (Pixel 6 and 7) and Vivo (S6, S15, S16, X30, X60, X70) along with ... (view more)

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Google Phones Become Seeing Eyes for Blind

A new Google app uses a phone camera to describe the world around blind and visually impaired people. It's an artificial intelligence take on a task that's already performed remotely by human volunteers. The app, dubbed "Google Lookout," works best ... when the user puts the phone around their neck like wearing a lanyard, or in a shirt pocket with the camera lens uncovered. The app then uses the camera view to analyze what's around the user and describe what it can "see". The idea is that the app activates in situations where a blind user might ask for help, adjusting to context. For ... (view more)

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Samsung Display Sets New Pixel Count Record

Samsung is getting ready to take on Apple and Google with a new, super-lush high-resolution display. Boasting a resolution of 3,200 x 1,800, the new display will be shown off at the upcoming Display Week 2013 event, taking place in Vancouver, ... British Columbia. Samsung's new display features a pixel density of 276 pixels per inch. That makes for a substantially higher pixel count than Apple's Retina display (227 pixels per inch), which can be found on the iPad tablet and MacBook laptop computers. It's also better than the Toshiba Kirabook (221 pixels per inch) and Google's new Chromebook Pixel ... (view more)

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Google 'Pixel' Laptop Features 'Best' Screen Ever

Google has unveiled a powerful and pricy touchscreen laptop it calls 'Pixel.' The device, which offers shockingly little storage space but access to a 1 terabyte (TB) online storeroom, is being designed with cloud-connected users in mind. In some ... ways the Google Pixel is very similar to Apple's MacBook Air. For one, it's extremely thin and lightweight. Second, with the WiFi model priced at $1,299 and a LTE-connected edition going for $1,499, the high cost will be familiar to Apple users. "Brightest, Best Screen ... Ever": Google Also familiar: a super-lush display. In fact, Google ... (view more)

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'Important Mail Alert for Microsoft Outlook 1.0.4', and 'Rizonesoft Pixel Repair'

Important Mail Alert for Microsoft Outlook 1.0.4 This program is like a personal e-mailman that makes an alert each time a long-awaited message arrives in your Outlook. This little add-in will serve as your assistant for tracking urgent email that ... you don't want to miss. http://www.ablebits.com Rizonesoft Pixel Repair With this tool, you can detect stuck pixels in a display and attempt to repair them and conveniently. Results are good, but repair may not work on the first try. The program also has the ability to detect dead pixels, though you'll need to consult your hardware ... (view more)

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