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Syria Slams the Door on Facebook

In a strange reversal from two summers ago, last week young Syrians sought 'refuge' in neighboring Lebanon. The alleged reason for this exodus? Facebook. In a move to further restrict free speech and political activism in the country Bashar Assad's ... government shut down access to the fast-growing social network. (Source: globeandmail.com ) Advocate Dania al-sharif told Reuters last week that, "Facebook helped further civil society in Syria and form civic groups outside government control. This is why it has been banned." (Source: reuters.com ) Officials were apparently concerned that Israel ... (view more)

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Country For Sale: Seller Puts Belgium on Ebay!

Online shoppers were in for quite a surprise recently when they scoured eBay looking for the next great treasure. In addition to the website's standard obscure items was a description that read "For Sale: Belgium, a Kingdom in three parts...free ... premium: the king and his court (costs not included)." The ad also offered free delivery, but was quick to point out that the country came second-hand and that the potential buyer would have to inherit over $300 billion in national debt. (Source: usatoday.com ) The ad, which actually insinuated the sale of the Belgian nation, was posted by one ... (view more)


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