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How to Fix: Cannot Create Partition: No Free MBR Slots

Infopackets Reader Sam T. writes: " Dear Dennis, I have an HP computer, which has 4 hard drive partitions: the System partition, the C drive, the factory image partition (which includes a backup of Windows), and the 'HP Tools' partition, which ... contains BIOS information in case a BIOS flash fails and I need to restore my BIOS. My question is this: I used MiniTool Partition Wizard to shrink my C drive, which then created unallocated space. Normally I can right click the unallocated space and create a new volume, however, I receive an error message that says: 'Partition Wizard cannot create a ... (view more)

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How to Fix: Black Border on Laptop Display when Connecting HDMI to TV

Infopackets Reader 'Jackie' writes: " Dear Dennis, I just read the article you wrote about ' How to Fix: Windows 10 Black Border (Shrinking Screen) ' and have a similar question. I just upgraded to Windows 10; I have an HP laptop and have connected ... it to my big flat screen TV. The problem is that as soon as I plug in my HDMI cable to connect the HDTV to the laptop, the laptop displays black borders on the sides of the screen. How can I fix that? " My response: The reason you have black borders on the side of the screen whenever you connect your HDTV through the HDMI cable is because the ... (view more)

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States Mull Online Voting, Debate Security Risks

Iowa Democrats are considering using online voting in primary elections for 2016. It follows two separate moves to increase online voting in Utah. The Iowa Democrat officials raised the idea during a meeting of the Democrat National Committee. They ... want to introduce online voting for the primaries, in which local Democrat supporters indicate which candidates they want to represent the party in the presidential election. The Iowa officials believe adding online voting could help involve people who are state residents but can't vote in person, such as military staff away on service or those ... (view more)

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