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Amazon to Make New Video Ads, Just for You

Amazon is testing video advertisements that are specifically created to meet the viewer's interests. They may prove effective, but will also raise privacy concerns. The ads will appear on non-Amazon website and, as often happens with third-party ... ads, will be based on what the system knows about the user. This often involves using cookie files stored on a user's computer to track the websites they visit and deduce their interests. Several companies already run video ads that are tailored to a user's interests, but this generally involves picking a subject and then selecting a pre- ... (view more)

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Amazon Serious About Flying Drones Delivery Service

It's a bird! It's a plane! It's ... an Amazon drone delivering my Battlestar Galactica DVDs! Amazon says it's testing aerial drones capable of delivering packages to customers in less than an hour. However, it remains unclear how people will respond ... to the idea of having a small robot hovering at their front door. Amazon chief executive officer Jeff Bezos showed off the concept, tentatively called Amazon 'Prime Air', during an interview with Charlie Rose on CBS' evening news show "60 Minutes". (Source: ) Drones Use GPS to Deliver Small Packages Prime Air uses eight-propellor drones ... (view more)

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'Prime95 26.5', and 'Internet Explorer 9 Build 9.0.8080.16413IC'

Prime95 26.5 Prime95 has become the de-facto standard for testing computer hardware for errors (especially RAM and CPU). This fine utility is commonly used by overclockers (computer enthusiasts that push the limits of their hardware), and features a ... "Torture Test" which allows maximum stress testing on the CPU and RAM. There are several options allowing the stress test to focus on the memory, processor, or a balance of both. Internet Explorer 9 Build 9.0.8080.16413IC The Platform Preview is an early look at the Internet Explorer 9 platform so some features ... (view more)

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'Sync Your iPod Without iTunes', and 'Prime95 26.1 Beta'

Sync Your iPod Without iTunes There has always been one universal constant for purchasers of an iPod -- that they would be using Apple's iTunes to sync it. Apple's iTunes has been downloaded millions of times and is adored by many, but what if ... you're looking for an alternative? Prime95 26.1 Beta For overclockers, Prime95 has a feature called "Torture Test" that allows maximum stress testing on the CPU and RAM. There are several options allowing the stress test to focus on the memory, processor, or a balance of both. Usually Prime95 will detect an error ... (view more)

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Amazon Same Day Delivery: Convenient, But Costly

When you buy something online, sometimes waiting is the hardest part. Waiting several days, a week, or even longer is simply painful for many consumers, particularly as the holiday season approaches -- which is why Amazon announced late yesterday ... that it would begin shipping packages to homes in seven select cities, arriving the same day. Residents of Boston, Washington, New York, Philadelphia, Baltimore, Seattle, and Las Vegas will soon have the opportunity to order and receive goods from in the very same day. It's expected that those living just outside these cities will also be ... (view more)

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