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Seeing is Believing: One More Reason to Try Spyware Doctor

I have most wonderful news! Over the past few weeks I've been in contact with PC Tools (the makers of Spyware Doctor, Registry Mechanic, and Privacy Guardian); after explaining our current funding situation , PC Tools has agreed to discount Spyware ... Doctor by an incredible 20% off the retail price to help raise funds for our web site. Reminder: What is Spyware Doctor? In short, Spyware Doctor is a multi-award winning Spyware removal utility that can instantly remove thousands of Spyware and adware traces, Trojans, keyloggers, tracking threats, and other nasty Spybots from your PC. Last year, ... (view more)

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Privacy Guardian Review

Synopsis: Are you a paranoid PC user? Got stuff on your computer that you don't want others to see -- like web sites you've recently visited, media files you've recently opened, or documents recently edited? In that case, you need Privacy Guardian! ... Believe it or not, it's pretty easy for *anyone* to find out what you've been up to (for example: Click Start -& Documents to see recently opened documents, or CTRL + H to see recently visited web sites)! With Privacy Guardian, you'll never have to worry about 'prying eyes' looking over your sensitive data again! Installs in minutes and super- ... (view more)

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