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UAC Vulnerability Found in Windows Vista

A new analysis claims that over 90% of the Windows security vulnerabilities reported last year were made worse by users logged in with administrative privileges -- an issue Microsoft has been hotly debating recently. BeyondTrust Corp. (BTC), a ... software development company specializing in enterprise rights management, has indicated that the act of giving users administrative rights may leave systems more open to risk. The report issued by BTC was prepared by assessing security vulnerability bulletins released by Microsoft in 2008, and identifying specific "mitigating factors" (those that could ... (view more)

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On many computer operating systems, " SuperUser " is the term used for the special user account that is controlled by the system administrator. SuperUser: Unix and Unix-like In Unix-style computer operating systems, root is the conventional name of ... the user who has all rights or permissions in all modes (single- or multi-user). The user root can do many things an ordinary user cannot, such as changing the ownership of files and binding to ports numbered below 1024. Generally, it is not good practice for anyone to use root as their normal user account, because simple typographical ... (view more)

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Outlook Express has removed access to unsafe attachments, Part 3

Infopackets Reader Peter P. writes: " Hello Dennis, I am having a problem with Outlook Express, and can't figure out how to solve it. Whenever I get an email with attachments, the info when I click on the paperclip is grayed out, and I can neither ... save the attachment files or display them. When I click Tools -> Internet Options and select the 'Security' tab, I see that the box labeled 'Do not allow attachments to be saved or opened' is check marked. Unfortunately, this option is grayed out [ghosted] and I cannot change the setting. I am running Windows XP with SP1 [Service Pack 1] and ... (view more)

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