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Dell's Tiny, Cheap 'Project Ophelia' PC Coming in July

'Project Ophelia,' Dell's thumb drive-sized portable computer, will reportedly be available for purchase this July and will only cost about $100. The device, which runs Google's Android operating system, can plug directly into any display equipped ... with an HDMI port. From there, users can run applications and access files. Tiny Device Converts Screens Into PCs In effect, Project Ophelia takes any standalone screen and turns it into a fully-functional PC or gaming machine. Project Ophelia comes equipped with WiFi and Bluetooth capabilities, meaning you can use it to stream music or video ... (view more)

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Dell's Project Ophelia PC the Size of a Flash Drive

Dell is reportedly preparing to release one of the smallest computers in the world. It's possible the device, which Dell calls "Project Ophelia," could prompt other PC manufacturers to build tiny, portable computers like it. Project Ophelia is a ... full-functioning computer that measures just 3.5 inches long and 1.5 inches wide. All in all, it's not much bigger than a USB flash drive. Device Powered by PC Monitor, TV Project Ophelia is powered by the USB port of a larger screen, such as a PC monitor or high-definition television. Dell suggests that the best way to run the device is ... (view more)

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