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How to Fix: Disable 'Microsoft Recommends Installing this App' Request

Infopackets Reader Jake J. writes: " Dear Dennis, I recently upgraded my PC to Windows 10 with the October 2018 update (version 1809, build 17763). Everything seems to be working fine, however the other day I needed remote support help from a friend ... of mine using TeamViewer. To get connected to my machine, he instructed that I go to the TeamViewer website and download the TeamViewer program, then run it. He then requested my ID and Password in order to connect to my machine, but I could not find where to obtain this information despite him sending me step-by-step instructions with screenshots ... (view more)

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Should Companies be Accountable for Leaked Customer Data?

Companies that don't do enough to protect customer data against hacking are more likely to be sued, thanks to a court ruling this week. A federal appeals court rejected an argument that the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) overstepped its powers by ... suing a company over three hacking incidents. The company is question is the Wyndham Hotel chain, in which 619,000 customers' credit card data was leaked. According to the FTC, Wyndham failed to use suitably complex login details on accounts, stored card data on its servers in unencrypted form, and did not use adequate firewalls to protect the ... (view more)

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BadUSB Attack: Now in The Wild; Exploits to Follow

Security researchers have purposely unleashed tools that could help hackers use USB drives to secretly spread malware on computers, including mobile devices with USB ports. The goal in releasing such tools is to coerce USB drive manufacturers into ... doing more to protect consumers against such attacks. The attack vector was initially reported in early August of this year, and until now was only theoretical. The tools were released by security researchers Adam Caudill and Brandon Wilson. Their campaign is inspired by the unveiling of " BadUSB ," a type of attack that uses a USB thumb ... (view more)

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Description Protect! Destroy! Evacuate! Guardian blends furious arcade action with beautifully animated environments! Loads of advanced weaponry will help you decimate waves of enemy forces through 30 challenging missions in space, ice and fire ... environments. Wreak havoc on the enemy's infrastructure, protect your own, evacuate fleeing colonists and you might just turn the tide of the war! Key Features Protect, Destroy, Evacuate! 30 Challenging Missions! Space, Ice And Fire Environments! Over 20 Different Enemies To Battle! Requirements OS: Windows 98/Me, 2000, XP Memory: 128 MB Microsoft ... (view more)

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Internet Explorer 8 Pre-Released by Microsoft

An early release of Microsoft's uber-popular web browser Internet Explorer version 8 (IE8) is now available for download. The Redmond-based company boasts that it's the safest and most secure browser ever constructed, and has included several new ... features meant to protect users against even the most innovative hacker attacks. As expected, Microsoft has simply added yet another digit to its browser, dubbing this one simple "IE8". There are a number of good reasons to invest precious download minutes in Internet Explorer 8; at the top of the list is a special new feature meant to protect ... (view more)

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Unprotect Part of a Form in MS Word

A reader recently wrote and asked how she could protect sections where a form appeared in one section. She has MS Word 2003 and wants to have part of a document as a form which would be locked and the rest of the document able to be edited. My ... Reply: It is absolutely possible to accomplish this task in MS Word. Follow the steps below: Place a section break before and after the part that you want to protect. In the Protect Document task pane, after you select Filling in forms in the Editing Restrictions area, a Selected sections link will appear below that dropdown. Click that and uncheck any ... (view more)

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Keeping Spies Out, Part 3

This is the third and final part in a series on spyware prevention tips (access part 1 and part 2 here). So far I've shared two tips that deal with specific pieces of software; the first tip was the use of an excellent (and free) tool called ... SpywareBlaster . This tool lives, eats, and breathes to protect your computer from the installation of spyware. In the second tip, I overviewed security risks associated with Internet Explorer and recommended using Mozilla Firefox as an alternative browser. Today I'm going to share what is undoubtedly the single most important thing you can do to protect ... (view more)

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Password protect Files and Folders?

Infopackets Reader Denise A. writes: " Hi Dennis, First let me say that I thoroughly enjoy your newsletter. What a wealth of information it is! I just finished reading Tuesday's Gazette article, ' restricting access to portions of the start menu ', ... for the sake of security. My question is this: can a folder or certain file be password protected? I am running Windows XP. " My response: If you own more than one computer and have a local area network, you can can restrict who has access to what by setting the "share" privileges on Folders. On the other hand: if you only own 1 ... (view more)

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