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Microsoft Releases MS Office 15 Technical Preview

Microsoft has revealed that it is now one step closer to releasing the next edition of its very popular Office software suite, 'Office 15' to the general public. The Redmond software giant recently noted that the highly-anticipated office suite has ... now entered the "technical preview state," which is only available to a select number of beta testers. It's suggested that the public beta edition of the suite will likely be available for release this summer. The focus of Office 15, like the previously released Office 365, is on improving the suite's cloud computing capabilities. Such ... (view more)

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Windows 8 Name Is Official

It's not exactly been a well-kept secret, but Microsoft appears to have confirmed the next edition of its operating system (OS) will indeed be called Windows 8. The news comes as a date emerges for the first public beta of the system, as well as a ... way for users to take a look at its design right now. To date, Microsoft has not given an official name to the new system, often taking great care to avoid doing so. However, in a newly published promotional website for a hardware and software developer conference this September, the company specifically uses the term 'Windows 8', specifically in ... (view more)

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