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IBM Supercomputer 'Watson' Turns Hand To Cooking

The super computer that won Jeopardy! is now turning its hand to cooking. IBM's Watson has come up with some unlikely recipes including a strawberry curry. IBM originally developed the supercomputer specifically to compete on the game show called ... Jeopardy! . It was considered a major challenge for a computer as Jeopardy! doesn't simply require players to know facts, but to decipher clues. While normal game shows have a question with a single answer, winning Jeopardy! means finding the most likely of all possible questions that could relate to the supplied answer. Watson proved up to ... (view more)

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BigOven Review

Synopsis: Easy, Award-Winning Recipe Software with 150,000+ recipes at your fingertips! BigOven recipe software is the easiest way for you to: organize your recipes, generate grocery lists to save shopping time, and discover great new dishes shared ... by other cooks around the world -- plus much, much more! BigOven: Screenshots Click to view: Page 1 | Page 2 | Page 3 | Page 4. BigOven: Key Features Makes everyday cooking easier Access 150,000+ recipes instantly Print, share, or post recipes online Port recipes to your PALM and take it on the go Enter your own family favorites See ratings and ... (view more)

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