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Saudi Arabia Blogger Narrowly Escapes Death Penalty

A court in Saudi Arabia has refused to try a blogger charged with insulting the Islamic religion. Raif Badawi would have faced the death penalty if convicted of his alleged "crimes," which included the simple act of "liking" a Christianity page on ... Facebook. Badawi runs a website called the "Liberal Saudi Network." He was arrested last year after proclaiming May 7 as a day for discussing social and religious matters. Badawi Charged for Allegedly Abandoning Islam A lower court originally concluded Badawi's offenses were so serious that his case should be passed on to a higher ... (view more)

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Einstein Letter Blasts Religion, Nets $400K

What's worse for religious followers than declining church attendance and the rising popularity of violent video games, erotic movies, and the entire hip hop culture? Perhaps news that one of the twentieth century's most revered minds regarded ... religion as "pretty childish" and dismissed the notion that the Jewish people could be a "chosen people". Those words were actually written by Albert Einstein in a 1954 letter mailed to philosopher Eric Gutkind. The physicist's scribbled note reveals a lot about the personal beliefs of the genius largely credited for first splitting the atom, and it ... (view more)

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