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US Warns: Canadian Spy Coins Amist

Attention, Canadian Residents: Those Loonies and Toonies ($1 and $2 coins) jingling around in your pocket may include more than just bronze and metal. Tiny radio frequency transmitters have been found inside Canadian coins, according to a recent ... U.S. intelligence report. This all sounds like something out of a spy movie -- and like any good espionage thriller, the facts of this case are a mystery wrapped in a riddle. This is what the report *didn't* say: The coins are from Canada, but the U.S. government isn't saying (or doesn't know) who's doing the tracking -- or why. How the Pentagon ... (view more)

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'Ie Report', and 'Tray Devil'

Ie Report IE Report creates a clickable list of each web site that you visit. Each entry is date/time stamped. Use IE Report to help you find interesting websites that you've previously visited. ... Tray Devil TrayDevil is a Window to Tray Minimizer with a set of powerful extra tools: it can hide the tray clock, disable a window's minimum, maximum and close button, set windows "on top", shutdown, restart, stand by, hibernate, log off, lock your system and turn off your monitor. TrayDevil can also automatically run a program (e.g. backup ... (view more)


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