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Exploding iPad Forces Store to Evacuate

Electronics retailer Vodafone was recently forced to evacuate its store after an Apple iPad suddenly exploded. Luckily, no one was hurt by the blast. The store is in Canberra, a city located halfway between Sydney and Melbourne in New South Wales, ... Australia. Reports suggest the device that exploded was a demo model, meaning it may have been running constantly throughout the day. The explosion forced the store to quickly evacuate everyone inside. The local fire department was also alerted and arrived on the scene to find the store filled with smoke. The affected iPad was reportedly issuing ... (view more)

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US Army Seizes Vista, Won't Wait for Windows 7

Just when it seemed most everyone in the tech industry was gearing up for the release of Windows 7 this Christmas, the U.S. Army has announced it will soon upgrade its PC systems to the much-maligned Windows Vista operating system. It's surprising ... but welcome news for Microsoft, which has been criticized for Vista's faults since the OS release in 2007. The decision to upgrade United States Army PC desktops from Windows XP to Windows Vista was announced yesterday, and early reports suggest the military plans to complete the change by next year. The announcement is good news for Microsoft, ... (view more)

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