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Track Changes to a Document: MS Word

Instead of relying on comments, you can set up the Track Changes feature to enable others to change the text and show what they have added and deleted. When you activate this feature, any added text is displayed underlined and in a different color. ... Any text that is deleted is shown a strikethrough and in a different color. Each person's changes are signified by a different color. Once the changes are made, one person must review them all and decide which changes to make permanent. The Reviewing toolbar has buttons to make this process go quickly. To start the Track Changes feature, choose one ... (view more)

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Insert Comments: MS Word

Whether or not your document has been protected, you may want to comment on a document without adding to the text itself. Like sticky notes attached to a page, your comments stay apart from the main flow of the document. You place them in a separate ... pane, like footnotes. If you have the proper equipment, you can record an audio comment rather than typing text. If you type comments directly in the document, you may forget to remove them before the final print. Also, you cannot tell who made the comment. MS Word's comment feature records not only the comment but also the person who made it. Use ... (view more)

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Inserting Voice Comments: MS Word

If your computer has a sound card and a microphone, you can record voice comments to your documents in MS Word. Voice comments are recordings that are attached to your document, and are are added as sound object inside comment balloons. Follow the ... easy steps below to add voice comments to your documents: Open the Reviewing toolbar if it isn't already open. To open the toolbar, right-click in a blank area of the visible toolbars and select the Reviewing toolbar. Click the Insert Voice button. If the Insert Voice button is not visible on the Reviewing toolbar, click Toolbar Options on the ... (view more)

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