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RIAA Begins Courtroom Crusade

The Record Industry Association of America (RIAA) is currently embroiled in the first American trial of a person accused of illegally sharing music. According to the organization itself, it won't be the last. Although we've been hearing for a long ... time that there can be real trouble for those who skip the CD store to visit Torrents and, in the past, protocols like Kazaa, to some it has seemed an empty threat. While 26,000 lawsuits have been filed since 2003, only this most recent trial proves the RIAA is taking such matters very seriously. According to Cary Sherman, president of the RIAA, "We ... (view more)

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The Future of Morpheus Music City

Millions of Internet users got a big shock this week when a popular, free MP3-sharing client, Morpheus Music City, went offline. Before Morpheus became all the rage, Napster was known to the world as the premier music swapping program. What set ... Napster ahead of its competition was its ease of use, and most importantly -- its reliability and transfer speeds. Napster allowed millions of Internet users to locate and share music files through Napster's central computers (also known as "servers"). The Napster servers kept track of who signed in and out of Napster, who had what MP3, and ... (view more)


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