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Google Could Show Rivals' Logos In Search Results

Google appears ready to show its rivals' logos on search results pages. It's the latest development in a game of brinksmanship being played between Google and European regulators. The European Commission, which administers laws that apply across the ... continent, has been investigating claims that Google unfairly exploits its dominance of the search market. Some of the claims relate to the way Google sells advertising on its sites and the way it "scrapes" content, such as review extracts from other sites. The biggest issue, though, is the suggestion that Google has intentionally promoted its own ... (view more)

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Microsoft's Appeal Soon to see a Verdict

On September 17, the European Court of First Instance will present its verdict in Microsoft Corporation's antitrus appeal. The appeal, which has taken more than three years to render an outcome, relates to Microsoft's mistreatment of its ... competitors. "By bundling Windows Media Player, its audio and video playing software, into Windows, Microsoft competed unfairly against rivals such as Real Networks Inc. and Apple Inc., the Commission ruled. And by failing to share technical information about how to interoperate with Windows PCs, Microsoft managed to steal a march in the market for low-end ... (view more)

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