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'MiTeC Mail Checker 7.1.1', and 'Rizone Memory Booster'

MiTeC Mail Checker 7.1.1 This is a fully customizable mail checker that is able to retrieve emails from your Gmail account. Thanks to its architecture, you can run MiTeC Mail Checker from a USB drive or any other removable media as a portable ... application. http://www.mitec.cz Rizone Memory Booster Rizone Memory Booster enables Windows to clean the workspace of all computer processes not currently in use. This frees up a good deal of wasted memory and improves the system's overall performance. Once loaded onto your computer, it will perform clean-ups periodically. http://www. ... (view more)

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'Rizone Power Tools', and 'Defrag Drives'

Rizone Power Tools Rizone's Power Tools update has been released and now includes Repair Tools, Registry Backup and Optimization. The tools now only use 1% processing power when idle and Rizone has optimized the Recycle Bin Monitoring code. ... http://www.rizontech.com Defrag Drives If you need to defragment multiple hard drives or partitions try DefragDrives, an alternative to the standard Windows interface. And it works a whole lot better than the standard Windows interface, allowing options Microsoft didn't think to include. English documentation included in link below (further down the page ... (view more)

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