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Actor Will Smith Hangs Out With Hackers

It's hard to imagine seeing internationally-renowned actor Will Smith at a conference for hackers. But the star of 'Independence Day' and 'The Fresh Prince of Bel Air' made a splash at the recent Defcon hacking event held this past weekend. The ... Defcon hacker conference was started two decades ago. Originally, it was little more than a party for a network of hackers who got to know one another through BBS, or Bulletin Board Systems. (Source: ) In the years since, Defcon has become a friendly meeting ground for computer security professionals, journalists, lawyers, government workers ... (view more)

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School Issued Laptops Spy On Students, Capture 56,000 Images

The Lower Merion School District (LMSD) laptop spying saga continues to unfold. District investigators have finished their investigation, concluding that web cameras were activated by school district employees about 80 times in the past two school ... years, capturing nearly 56,000 images of students, their homes and copies of the programs or files running on their screens. Laptop Took Photos While Student Slept The system was allegedly used by LMSD officials to track lost and stolen laptops. However, the lawsuit filed on behalf of Blake J. Robbins by his parents claims that the teen's school- ... (view more)

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