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Vista Drags Down Apple's Mac Sales

A few weeks ago we talked about speculation surrounding the delay of the new Mac operating system (OS) from Apple, Leopard. In order to better accommodate Microsoft's own new OS, Windows Vista, some experts believed Apple pushed back their product ... until the fall, an action that disappointed many Mac maniacs. There may be more fist-shaking today, with news that Windows Vista likely sapped Macintosh hardware sales during its last period. Looking at the numbers, it seems fairly obvious that some sort of major release put the squeeze on Mac success during Apple's second fiscal quarter of 2007. ... (view more)

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Vista Sales: Fact or Fiction?

Since Vista was released early this year, there has been no shortage of analyses judging the success of sales of the new operating system. But months have passed, and there still doesn't seem to be a consensus on how Vista is doing. Even Microsoft ... CEO Steve Ballmer seems to have changed his mind a few times. A few weeks ago, Ballmer said: "We think in the next three months we'll probably sell five times as many copies of Windows Vista as we ever did [Windows 95] in the equivalent period of time... We'll probably go double what we did with Windows XP." But last week, it sounded like he changed ... (view more)

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Nintendo Announces Date, Price, and More for Wii

When it rains, it pours. Nintendo has finally let the cat out of the bag about several highly coveted bits of information regarding its new system, the unique and innovative Wii. The Price The Price Tag for the Nintendo Wii is set for $250 (in the ... U.S.). Does anything else really need to be said? Let's compare the Wii with its other next-generation counterparts: Sony PlayStation 3: $500 or $600 (U.S.) depending on which model you get. Microsoft Xbox 360: $300 or $400 (U.S.) for the Core or Premium versions respectively. Obviously, Nintendo is pricing itself much cheaper than its competition ... (view more)


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