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Anti-Spyware Offer Revealed As Front For Hackers

Hackers are now hiding viruses in the last place you'd expect to find them: anti-spyware software. The elaborate scam allows hackers to get access to users computers. And for added measure, they even take credit card details on the way. The scam ... works by posting adverts on big-name websites. A random selection of these ads produce a pop-up window with a fake warning that the user's computer is infected, and offers a download of an anti-spyware program, paid for by credit card. The download, which comes under more than 40 different names such as Spyshredder, is actually a Trojan virus. The ... (view more)

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Alert: eBay and SquareTrade scam

Are you being scammed? Need to know the definitive answer right now? READ THIS ARTICLE and then come back to this page when you're finished (if you like). -- Infopackets Reader Rupert H. writes: " Dear Dennis, Last Sunday, I saw a one-day sale for a ... Harley Davidson Sportster 883 motorbike on eBay. The seller had around 500 or 600 positive feedbacks. The sale required that you contact the buyer first before you were allowed to bid, and so I did. The seller wanted to do business through a company called Square Trade. I checked out the website and the company seemed legitimate. 'Square ... (view more)

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Upgrade Windows ME to XP?

Infopackets Gazette Reader Dan L. writes: " Dear Dennis, My PC came pre-loaded with Windows ME and now I'm thinking of upgrading to Windows XP. Do I have to uninstall ME, or can I simple run an upgrade option to install Windows XP? I've downloaded a ... few of your eBooks and videos onto this machine, and I'd hate to lose them. On another note: I've see Windows XP advertised on the Internet for $50. Is this legitimate? If so, can you recommend a reputable source? " My response: Upgrading from ME to XP can be done by inserting the Windows XP disc into your machine (after Windows ME is loaded). If ... (view more)


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