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Hackers Develop DIY Alternative

Most of us consider the world of hacking strange and foreign. Although many of us are techies and follow technology news closely, few would say they are close friends with that guy who recently cracked this government database or that banking web ... site. However, this could soon be the case as one group has decided to release a Do it Yourself, or DIY, hacking tool. The original web site designed to distribute the open hacking program was recently discovered by security firm Facetime. The tool is meant especially for the purpose of cracking social networking pages, like Facebook. However, it ... (view more)

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'Anonymous' Attacks On Scientology

A group of hackers has been carrying out threats against the Church of Scientology. The attacks are in response to the religion's efforts to remove a video originally posted on YouTube and Gawker, which featured Tom Cruise praising the attributes of ... Scientology. (Source: ) Working under the name Anonymous, the group has posted several videos on YouTube in which it threatens to drive the Church off the Internet and out of existence. In the first video, released last week, ominous storm clouds churn over a building (presumably a Scientology office) while a computerized voice delivers ... (view more)

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