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Former Microsoft Accountant Steals $1.1M; Sentenced 2 Years

White collar crime may not always pay, but it sure doesn't result in heavy prison sentences, either. Last week a former Microsoft accountant found guilty of stealing $1.1 million from the Redmond-based firm received just a two-year jail term. Ray ... Seal, a 54-year-old resident of Shoreline, Washington, was recently found guilty of stealing more than a million dollars from Microsoft while working as an accounts analyst for the firm. Seal was indicted late last year and finally plead guilty to the charge in May 2011. (Source: ) Accounting Loophole Exploited During the trial, ... (view more)

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Industry Insiders Impressed with Vista Stamp

Back in the earliest days of home gaming, Nintendo used to employ a little gold merit badge it called the "Nintendo Seal of Quality". It was a nice way for young and new gamers to navigate the enormous 1980s NES games library. Got the seal? It's ... probably decent. No seal? Avoid at all costs. Many companies have tried a similar campaign, with Microsoft's Vista logo now appearing on certain software programs deemed the most compatible with the company new operating system (OS). One industry insider recently blogged that when he found himself shopping for a TV tuner for his PC, there was a tough ... (view more)

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'Browster', and 'Seal'

Browster Browster is the quickest way to browse through search results and other lists of links. It is a free browser plugin that automatically prefetches links and provides a fast preview window to view a page quickly before committing to go there. ... Browster's prefetching and previewing capability can cut the time required to go through search results and other links by as much as 50%. This helps internet users achieve more effective searches in less time. Browster is available today for Internet Explorer and soon for Firefox. Seal SEAL is a 32-bit graphical user ... (view more)

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