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Google's Top Search Terms of 2013 Revealed

Google has revealed its top search terms for 2013. Topping the list: gadgets, dead people, terrorist attacks, and natural disasters. Google broke its top search terms into several categories, including People, Events, Athletes, Consumer Electronics, ... Movies, Performing Artists, and TV Shows. Death Casts Shadow Over Popular Search Terms The people Google users searched for the most: recently deceased South African leader Nelson Mandela and American actor Paul Walker, who was killed in a high-speed traffic accident a few weeks ago. Google users also searched for Pakistani education activist ... (view more)

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McAfee Compiles Dangerous Celebrity Search List

Security firm McAfee recently compiled a list of the most dangerous celebrity search terms. Malware-Riddled Sites Plague Internet Search, Infect PCs Hackers know all about celebrity obsession, and will use these Hollywood figures to ambush visitors ... to "booby-trapped" websites that can infect a PC if a user clicks or downloads the wrong file. That download might include a desktop background, screen saver or video (beware of the nude ones). (Source: ) Hackers could use booby-trapped downloads to install malware onto machines, and from there, steal login and password information ... (view more)

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