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Search Engines and Algorithms, Part 1

I am in aw e. Yesterday, I asked Infopackets Readers to visit and submit comments about this newsletter. There were a number of entries, but one comment in particular caught my eye (especially the last line). Douwe F. from Kuala ... Lumpur, Malaysia writes: " [What I really like about] The Infopackets Gazette [are the newsletter topics, which are] explained in clear language. Although I am an IT professional, I enjoy reading all the various articles [written by Dennis, and I especially enjoy the] different perspective on issues [which are presented to readers]. I find this ... (view more)

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Remove lop (, C2 Media) from Internet Explorer

Last week, David R. told me about a program called Lop that was installed on his machine: " I've installed Lop on my computer and now every time I go online, an annoying browsing toolbar that pops up. Now I can't get rid of it! Can you help? " My ... Response: After some digging, I found some excellent resources on Google. A web site called provided a very complete picture of what Lop is and how to combat it. Here are some snippets from the web site: Description Lop is a family of programs that set your start page and IE's ... (view more)

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Required Dll not Found Error Message?, Part 3

Infopackets Reader David R. writes: " Dear Dennis, I just finished reading your latest newsletter entitled, ' Required DLL not found error message .' On a related note, searching Google is usually one of my first steps in dealing with any unknown ... computer problem. Invariably, I'll find that someone else has had the same or a similar problem before me, and I avoid 're-inventing the wheel' by trying those solutions first. Two days ago I found a DLL file resource that was the best I'd ever seen! I use Win98SE and it listed EVERY DLL file, briefly told what it does, gives the version number ... (view more)


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