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Expert: CoinVault Ransom a Scam; Don't Negotiate

Cybercriminals behind a brand new type of ransomware scam have implemented a new strategy they hope will convince more people to pay up. Unlike other ransomware scams, this one offers victims the ability to reclaim some of their files for "free." ... Ransomware is a type of malware that locks users out of their systems . In most cases, a victim must pay a fee -- usually around several hundred dollars -- to reclaim control of their computers. However, there's no guarantee that a ransomware cybercriminal will follow through on the deal, and most security experts advise against ... (view more)

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Patch Tuesday: Critical IE, Windows 8.1 Flaws Fixed

This month's Patch Tuesday brings two major fixes for Internet Explorer zero-day flaws. In total, Microsoft has released eight new security bulletins, four of which have been marked 'critical' -- Microsoft's highest security rating. Experts point to ... MS13-080 as the most important security update this month. It address ten different vulnerabilities in Microsoft's Internet Explorer (IE) and applies to every supported version of the web browser. Aside from the number of vulnerabilities addressed, the update is considered important because it's designed to eliminate two zero-day flaws that have ... (view more)

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Microsoft's July Patch Tuesday 'Ugly', Expert Says

Another Patch Tuesday, another 'critical' update for Internet Explorer. This month's Patch Tuesday provides fixes for a total of seven security issues, the most important of which involves Microsoft's popular web browser. Microsoft says its Patch ... Tuesday fixes affect most versions of the Windows operating system, the .NET Framework, Silverlight, the Office software suite, Visual Studio, and Internet Explorer (IE). Each of these security bulletins is marked 'critical,' which is Microsoft's highest security rating. A seventh bulletin has been marked 'important' and is associated with Microsoft' ... (view more)

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