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1.3M Sega User Accounts Compromised in Recent Hack

It's only been a couple of months since Sony suffered one of the most devastating hacker attacks in the history of the video game industry. Experts now believe the company could be in the hole for over a billion dollars thanks to the breach, which ... exposed the personal data of over 100 million PlayStation Network (PSN) customers. Now, another game company has also been hacked, exposing the personal information of about 1.3 million customers. It's a smaller attack, to be sure, but evidence that the gaming industry is in no way prepared for such invasions. Sega Hedgehogged by Hackers Sega, one ... (view more)

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Everyone's a PS3 Critic

Update: Now that Sony has indeed dropped the price of the PlayStation 3, does it indicate that Sega knew the following all along? How ironic: A company whose own massive marketing mistakes flushed its hardware down the toilet is now offering Sony ... advice on how to get the PlayStation back on top. It figures. When you're dominating the market, no one says a word. But, once the going gets tough, everyone's a critic. Enter Sega, once a dreadnought of hardware power. Sega began its rise with the Master System, a poor man's Nintendo Entertainment System (NES). The company then struck gold with the ... (view more)

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Sega Genesis Collection Coming To PS2 and PSP

It has been almost seventeen years since the Sega Genesis launched in North America. The system featured some of the greatest gaming experiences ever, and even made Sega a household name. Now the boys behind Sonic the Hedgehog are planning to ... introduce almost 30 of its classics to a brand new audience. The Sega Genesis Collection is scheduled to be released for the PS2 and PSP this fall. "SEGA has always been, and will continue to be, an innovator of gaming technologies," said Scott A. Steinberg, SEGA of America's Vice President of Marketing. "The Genesis was the first 16-bit gaming system ... (view more)

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