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Computer Bug Means 3,000 Cons Get Early Release

Washington state officials have confirmed a software flaw has meant more than 3,000 prisoners have been mistakenly released early. Amazingly, the problem was known about by staff at the Washington State Department of Corrections since 2012, before ... anything was done. State governor Jay Inslee confirmed the figure may be as high was 3,200 and dates back to 2002. He's ordered that all releases be manually checked and approved until a software fix is in place next month. The problem involves a computerized system that tracks prisoner release dates, specifically, those who have been granted ... (view more)

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Renowned 'LulzSec' Hacker Could Walk Free

The United States government has recommended the court trying world-renowned hacker Hector Xavier Monsegur -- better known as " Sabu " -- show leniency. It's a controversial recommendation that could see the hacker walk out of court a free man later ... this week. Monsegur has been in custody since 2011. He was once was a part of international hacking group LulzSec , which carried out a series of cyber crimes against major corporations, such as Sony. The group has also waged hacking campaigns against the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), the U.S. Senate, and Infragard, a security ... (view more)

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Anonymous, WikiLeaks Hacker Gets 10 Years in Prison

A hacker who carried out cyber-attacks on behalf of Anonymous and then shared stolen information with WikiLeaks has been sentenced to ten years in prison. The sentence was handed down in a New York City courtroom late last week. Jeremy Hammond may ... be one of the world's best-known hackers. For years he worked with both Anonymous and WikiLeaks to expose what he believed was government and big business corruption. One of his most famous (or infamous) attacks involved acquiring millions of emails sent between global intelligence company Stratfor and its many big-name clients, such as Dow Chemical ... (view more)

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Controversial iPad Hacker Sentenced to Prison Term

A man who illegally accessed personal data stored on Apple iPads has been sentenced to a 41-month prison term. However, defenders of Andrew Auernheimer believe the sentence is unduly harsh and question whether his actions should even be considered a ... crime. Auernheimer was among a group of computer enthusiasts who discovered a flaw in AT ... (view more)

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