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'Startup Sentinel', and 'KeePassDroid 1.99.1'

Startup Sentinel Startup Sentinel can help you improve your system's performance by carefully managing the startup process. It gives you a list of the software that runs at startup and allows you to place programs on either a "whitelist" or ... a "blacklist". KeePassDroid 1.99.1 Remembering a lot of passwords is a huge pain in the butt. Make things easier with KeePassDroid, a version of the popular KeePass program specially designed for devices running Google's Android mobile operating system. This freeware ... (view more)

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'Sentinel' Computer System Helps FBI Solve Crimes

The U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) plans to join the twenty-first century by using computer systems rather than paper to manage its cases. The change may improve detection rates by making it easier to cross-reference data between cases. ... The new computer system, called Sentinel, will also allow FBI agents to make notes on cases via dedicated software. A demonstration for reporters showed that Sentinel contains elements reminiscent of consumer software, such as web browsers, Microsoft Outlook, and tax preparation software. (Source: ) FBI personnel have been using Sentinel ... (view more)

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