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Roboform Pro Discount

It appears that Infopackets Readers leave quite an impressionable footprint when visiting a web site that has been mentioned in the Infopackets newsletter. At least, that's what Andrew Finkle of Siber Systems informed me today. Since mid-April of ... this year, well over 2,000 Infopackets Readers have downloaded an installed RoboForm on their machine. Reminder: What is RoboForm? RoboForm remembers and completes web-form data on web sites. If you frequent sites which require login information (IE: user name and password) -- or, if you just plain hate filling out repetitive web-form data, RoboForm ... (view more)

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RoboForm 5.2.0 release

The previous 2 Feature Articles were about an alternative approach to Internet Explorer's time-saving AutoComplete function. Recall -- When enabled, the AutoComplete feature remembers (and completes) frequently used form data on web pages, such as ... user logins and passwords. Unfortunately, AutoComplete does not offer a method for exporting / backing up its form data which has been collected over time. This is very problematic for anyone who may need to format / reinstall Windows, or for users who use Disk Imaging software (like myself) to restore a previously working copy of Windows. I asked ... (view more)

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