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Apple-Samsung Patent Trial: Judge Loses Her Cool

The judge in the patent case between Apple and Samsung has suggested an Apple lawyer must be on drugs if he thinks his latest request will be taken seriously. It demonstrates that Judge Lucy Koh is exasperated with the behavior of both sides. The ... case involves several patents. However, the most prominent dispute is about whether or not Samsung copied the design of the iPhone and iPad when designing its own gadgets. Unlike many such disputes, the two sides have failed to reach a settlement and are now in the midst of a full jury trial. Koh had previously warned that the two sides would only be ... (view more)

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'Vm Monitor', and 'Sides Wipe'

Vm Monitor SolarWinds free VM Monitor is an ingenious desktop tool that continuously monitors a VMware ESX Server and its virtual machines, delivering the real-time virtualization monitoring that you've been missing. With VM Monitor at your ... fingertips, you'll be able to track virtualization health at-a-glance and ensure your mission-critical apps never fail you. Go ahead, declare victory in the virtualization game and impress your boss and your fellow IT administrators with your newfound X-ray vision into ESX Servers. Go to Downloads. Sides Wipe Many people believe ... (view more)

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