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Mega Hack Exposes Entire Population's Data

Financial records of almost every adult in Bulgaria have been stolen in a cyber attack. It's led to the unlikely situation of the country's leader reportedly exaggerating the attacker's skills. One man has been arrested following the attack, which ... looks to have involved unauthorized access to a database with records for every working adult in the country. That's almost five million people. There's some debate over exactly what was involved in the breach. Press reports suggest it not only included personal information such as date of birth and address, but also tax ... (view more)

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Technology Has Mixed Effects On Child Development, Research Suggests

According to a UCLA professor, today's kids might use their brains much differently than children in previous generations. The findings could mean that current teaching and testing methods are ineffective in estimating their intelligence. Patricia ... Greenfield looked at more than 50 studies of technology's effects on children. She found that media such as television and video games do limit some aspects of their mental skills, but also help improve them in other ways. Tests over the last 50 years show a clear and consistent increase in visual reasoning skills. These involve seeing information ... (view more)

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'Switchboard', and '30 Must-Have Pc Skills'

Switchboard Very easy to use web based VoiP, Simply put in your login details, or register if you are new to the switchboard. Once you have logged in you will be able to: call your friends, leave voicemails, instant message. Just get your microphone ... and headphones ready and get started . 30 Must-Have Pc Skills Despite initial appearances, it's not very hard to master Windows and, once you have, you'll find it surprisingly simple to make it work the way you want it to. The key to doing this is learning the tips and tricks that advanced users take for granted. Once you ... (view more)

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