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Smart Devices Could Expose WiFi Passwords, or Worse

Are smart devices a security risk? Security firm Rapid 7 seems to think so. According to the researchers, a range of Internet-connected light bulbs had at least nine security flaws. While the potential consequences are hardly life or death, it could ... be a blow to the concept of smart devices in the home. Osram's Lightify range of light bulbs lets users control lighting via a smartphone or tablet app. The idea is partly to allow more precise controls, such as dimming a bulb or even changing its color, and partly to allow users to remotely access the lights. For example, if a home owner is ... (view more)

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Could the 'Internet of Things' Kill Someone?

Is there anything scarier than having your computer hacked? Absolutely there is, say security experts who predict that the growing "Internet of Things" could eventually allow hackers to remotely commit violent crimes. For decades we've associated ... the Internet with computers, from desktops and laptops to tablet devices and smartphones. But as time goes on, more and more devices are being connected to the web in an effort to give consumers more control. Want to lower your refrigerator's freezer temperature or start your car without getting off the couch? Chances are, there ... (view more)

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