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Apple Watch Alerts Man to Serious Heart Condition

A man says his life may have been saved by his Apple watch. A heart rate alert revealed he was experiencing a serious problem. Kevin Pearson was, by coincidence, visiting his father in hospital when he got the alert. It came from his watch, which ... tracked his heart rate. Normally that's to reveal general patterns as well as tracking how quickly the rate returns to normal after exercise, an important fitness indicator. However, the watch alerted Pearson to the fact his heart rate was at 161 beats per minute even though he was sitting down reading a book. Given his age of 52, that's a rate that ... (view more)

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Exams Plagued By 'Cheater' Wristwatches

British students have been banned from wearing any form of wristwatch in exams. It follows concerns that 'smart watches' containing helpful information could be disguised as ordinary watches. The new rules will affect most national exams for school ... students aged 16 and 18, including those which determined whether students can get a particular place on a university course. The rules say normally students must take off their watch and leave it in a visible place on their desk, though in some cases supervisors are collecting the watches and keeping them outside. The changes follow on from ... (view more)

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Could the 'Internet of Things' Kill Someone?

Is there anything scarier than having your computer hacked? Absolutely there is, say security experts who predict that the growing "Internet of Things" could eventually allow hackers to remotely commit violent crimes. For decades we've associated ... the Internet with computers, from desktops and laptops to tablet devices and smartphones. But as time goes on, more and more devices are being connected to the web in an effort to give consumers more control. Want to lower your refrigerator's freezer temperature or start your car without getting off the couch? Chances are, there ... (view more)

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Windows Smartwatch Imminent; iOS, Android Compatible

Rumors suggest that Microsoft is primed to launch its own smartwatch in the next few weeks. Details are still hazy, but it seems it may connect with multiple devices , and not only Windows Phones. Smartwatches have been one of the big tech stories ... of 2014, becoming a serious mainstream product after years of hype. Apple is launching its own smartwatch running a modified version of the iPhone software, while firms such as Samsung have produced Android-based watches. Check Emails at the Flick of a Wrist Although smartwatches run a mobile operating system, they usually rely on a connection to a ... (view more)

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Apple's Wireless Charging Watch Not So Wireless

To some, Apple's new high-tech watch could be the device that helps bring electronic wireless charging technology to the masses. But to others, Apple's latest offering may not be enough of a breakthrough to overcome years of stalemate between rival ... technologies. As expected, Apple unveiled a smartwatch this week. As with several similar devices, the watch connects wirelessly to a nearby smartphone (in this case, an iPhone). The smartwatch then allows users to quickly check phone alerts and details, including text messages and emails without the need to pull the phone from their ... (view more)

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Just a Fad? Samsung Unveils Smartwatch 'Gear 2'

Writing text messages, sending emails, and taking photos can all be done using smartphones, tablets, and traditional computers, such as laptops and desktops. The question is: do we need yet another device that gives us instant access to more data ... and will it be useful? And if so, is that device a "smartwatch"? Samsung certainly thinks so. The firm, which released its first smartwatch in the form of the Galaxy Gear late last year, has now unveiled the Samsung Gear 2. Most notably, the Korean firm's newest smartwatch boasts a brand new operating system, called "Tizen." ... (view more)

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Samsung 'Smartwatch' Coming Soon: Report

Samsung, maker of the extremely popular 'Galaxy' smartphone, is reportedly planning to announce its very own 'smartwatch'. In fact, that announcement could come as early as this September. South Korea-based Samsung is planning to reveal details for ... its new smartwatch at a Wednesday, September 4, 2013 event, reports Bloomberg News. A likely setting for such an unveiling: Germany's IFA consumer electronics trade show. Like the Galaxy smartphones, the rumored smartwatch device will feature a special version of Google's very popular Android operating system. It's also been suggested that the new ... (view more)

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