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SoBig Email Worm Virus, Part 2

Recall -- A few days ago, I wrote about the latest virus threat which is currently clogging up email mailboxes around the world. In short, the "SoBig worm arrives via email as an attachment; once the attachment has been executed, the worm attempts ... to propagate itself by mass-mailing the contacts it has collected from the host computer [especially through the use of email Address Books / Contact Lists]." SoBig Email Worm Virus The SoBig worm has been an especially dreadful problem for me, since I receive email daily from folks around the world. Whenever someone decides to drop me a ... (view more)

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SoBig Email Worm Virus

Candice W. writes: " Dear Dennis, I was hoping that maybe you could help me: I found your website though a search. Lately, I've been getting a bunch of returned emails from people I don't even know, and most of these emails contain viruses ... I ... have written to Hotmail's tech support, but all I get is automated responses telling me that it doesn't pertain to my hotmail account. But, I beg to differ because it is my account, and it's a huge problem! Can you tell me what I can do to get this to stop? " My Response: The problem Candice is experiencing is due to a Virus called SoBig, ... (view more)

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