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Microsoft CEO Overcome with Emotion in New Video

Microsoft chief executive officer Steve Ballmer isn't known for keeping his emotions in check. In fact, videos of Ballmer jumping about the stage at various press events can be found all over YouTube. But this most recent video appears to capture ... Ballmer in a particularly emotional state. In fact, much of the video features the Microsoft CEO fighting back tears. The video (which can be seen on YouTube by clicking here ) is a recording of Ballmer's recent speech before Microsoft employees. The Verge, which initially provided the video, says Ballmer made the speech last Thursday. Microsoft ... (view more)

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Closing Pandora's Box Could Hurt Music Industry

Innovative online music site Pandora appears to be on the brink of shutting its doors after failing to find a solution to increased royalty costs. The site's appeal, a 'personalised radio station' service by which users could list some of their ... favourite songs and performers, may no longer be marketable after recent demands the site pay more cash for the music it uses. How does Pandora work? Users rate songs and the Pandora system (looking at more than 400 attributes including tone, pitch, style, speed, instruments used and so on) would then play similar styles of music. The technology was ... (view more)

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