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New Virus Makes YOU a Spammer!

No matter how protected we think our computers are, no matter how much money we invest in acquiring the latest antivirus software, hackers still find a way to target our computers. While computer viruses are almost as old as computers themselves, a ... new type of spam has surfaced that not only victimizes computers, but shames the good name of the innocent end-user. If you have experienced "undeliverable" email messages that bounce back into your inbox, or if you notice this happening in the near future, it may be the result of "backscatter". The latest rave in the field of spamming is the ... (view more)

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The Best way to Deal with Spam?

Is spam on the rise or have spammers found a new way to become extra-annoying? Infopackets Reader Max E. writes: " Thanks again for the great web site and excellent help! My problem today is with Spam (unsolicited bulk email). How can I send ... something back to the spammers? Every time I log on I get some 50 to 90 spams and it wastes my time having to deal with these annoying messages. I have tried to send the spammers an email asking them to remove me from the list, but my messages always come back undeliverable. Please help! " My response: This is the fourth complaint this week I've ... (view more)

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