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McAfee Warns of Riskiest Sites

Thank security software gurus McAfee for confirming what most of us had come to believe: searching on the Internet can be dangerous to your computer's health. The company recently launched a survey under its "SiteAdvisor" division, and some of the ... results are startling. According to McAfee, searches for the following: "digital music", "tech toys", and "to do online" returned some very shady websites. McAfee says that between 35% to as many as half of the domains popping up with these search terms are considered "risky", whether entered into Google, Yahoo!, MSN, or any other search engine. As ... (view more)

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Search Industry Makes Billions Off Risky Sites

Recent Studies have shown that the sponsored links of major search engines are more likely to have harmful downloads. For example: web sites that "pay to have their links pop up on search engine result pages are nearly three times more likely to ... harbor Spyware or adware, or hassle users with spam than URLs generated by the engine's algorithms", research claims. It is estimated that the search industry made $1.1 billion from risky sponsored links last year. (Source: CRN.com ) The study evaluated major search engines using 1,300 different keyword searches. It found that about 5 percent of links ... (view more)

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