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Rename an AutoText Entry in MS Word

There may come a time when you would like to rename an AutoText entry for one reason or another, but how to do this? Well, there are a couple of ways to do this. Follow the steps below to learn how: Insert the AutoText entry in a document. Select ... the information that you inserted. Create a new AutoText entry using the new name. Delete the old AuoText entry. As I said, there are a couple of ways to do this and it only applies to a version of MS Word prior to version 2007. You can follow the steps below for that method: Start the Organizer. Make sure the AutoText tab is selected. Use the drop- ... (view more)

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Multiple Sheet Selections in MS Excel

Many times you make the same changes to multiple sheets in an Excel Workbook. Perhaps you would like to change the column widths or apply special formatting to a range of cells in several sheets. Creating a group of selected sheets allows you to ... perform the task just once, thereby saving time and narrowing the margin for errors. There are several ways to select several sheets to create a multi-sheet selection: To select contiguous sheets, follow the steps below: Click a sheet tab. Click Shift and keep it depressed while clicking a second sheet tab. Excel will select both clicked sheets and ... (view more)

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Spaced Out. Are You? MS Word

Have you ever found that you need just a smidge more space between two paragraphs in your MS Word document? I just bet you have, at one time or another, wished for a quick and clever way to add a 12 point space before a paragraph, just another ... little trick to file away in your repertoire. Well, your wish has been granted! Follow the steps below to insert that extra space before a paragraph. Simply place your cursor anywhere in the paragraph and click on CTRL + 0 (zero). Need that same space above multiple paragraphs? Not a problem: follow the steps below: Highlight all paragraphs and use CTRL ... (view more)

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Clearing the Print Area in MS Excel

You have learned in the past how to set a print area within a worksheet. This area is used to define exactly what range you want to print. Sometime later, you may want to delete this print area. To clear up any confusion, I am talking about getting ... rid of the special area designation, not the information contained within that area. Follow the steps below to clear the print area: Select Print Area from the File menu. Excel displays a submenu. Select Clear Print Area from the submenu. If you are using Excel 2007, you clear the print area following the steps below: Display the Page Setup tab of ... (view more)

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Set The Default Margins In Word 2007 Documents

Most folks use the same margins for all of their documents. It's just as easy to set the default margins in Word 2007 as it was in 2003. Follow the easy steps below so that you only have to set your margins once. If, for instance all of your ... documents have one-inch margins, you can set them once, and then make it the default setting for all new documents. Follow along with the easy steps below: In the ribbon, click the Page Layout tab. Click the Margins tool in the Page Setup group. Click Custom Margins. Change your right and left margins to one inch. Click the Default button. Click Yes. All ... (view more)

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