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iPods To Feature Live Audio Recording

In a recent InfoPackets article ( iPod Tiny Projector Unveiled: Optoma Pico ) an addition was introduced to the iPod that allowed the device to double as a miniaturized pocket projector. Now a new addition from Alesis, a major manufacturer of ... electronic musical instruments, will transform the iPod into a live digital stereo recorder. The Alesis ProTrack will allow users to record live audio from anywhere in the world. The ProTrack boasts two built-in condenser microphones fixed in XY stereo configuration for stereo field recording. (Source: ) ProTrack also offers users a pair ... (view more)

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Convert Tape to CD: Recording in Mono?

Infopackets Reader Dion E. writes: " Dear Dennis, I am trying to convert a tape to CD by transferring the audio to my computer, and then recording it to CD using my CD burner. To convert the tape to CD, I am using an audio cable to go from my ... earphone jack of my tape player to the sound card of my computer. The problem is that my computer is recording the tape audio in 1-channel mono sound (and not stereo!). I am reasonably sure that the original recording is in 2-channel stereo. What should I do? Thanks in anticipation for any help you can offer. " My response: I have a few ... (view more)

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