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Experiment Tracks Spread of 'Stolen Data' Online

A security research firm says more than a thousand people accessed a dummy database of personal details that it released as an experiment, though that number is much likely higher. It says the would-be criminals acted far faster than most security ... breaches take to fix. The experiment was the work of BitGlass, a company that offers security services for cloud computing firms. The firm wanted to test how quickly a 'leaked' set of personal data would spread around the world; to do so, BitGlass made an Excel file that contained 1,568 sets of names, phone numbers, addresses, credit card ... (view more)

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Yahoo User Details Exposed by Massive SQL Hack

Hackers have posted a list of some 453,000 Yahoo user names and their passwords. Although those responsible say they are merely trying to highlight weak security, observers say that some users could indeed be at risk. The log-in details that were ... stolen appear to come from Yahoo Voices, a site that is set up so users can post their own blogs and articles. Some of these posts earn their authors a small up-front payment, while those that attract a lot of visitors can earn the writer significant bonus payments. The hackers apparently gained access to the site's log-in database by means of a ... (view more)

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