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Google Now Offering 15GB Free Cloud Storage

Looking for more storage space in the cloud? Then look to Google Drive, which now offers 15 gigabytes (GB) for free. Until now, Google has been offering users of its Google Drive cloud storage service 5GB for free. However, the company now says it ... will combine its Google Drive service with Gmail and Google+ Photos and give users access to 15GB free storage. Google Drive director of product management Clay Bavor says that consumers will no longer have to stress about freeing up space for more files. "Use Your Storage The Way You Want" "With this new combined storage space, you won't ... (view more)

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Surface Pro: Microsoft Defends Storage, Battery Life

In a recent "Ask Me Anything" session on Reddit, Microsoft's Surface team addressed concerns about the Surface Pro, which hit stores over the weekend. At the top of the list: worries about the device's storage capacity. As we reported a few weeks ... ago, while Microsoft advertises that the Surface Pro ships with either 64GB or 128GB of storage space, the actual space available to end users is much lower. Microsoft Clarifies Storage Situation At the time, reports indicated that buyers of the 64GB version would be left with just 23GB of available storage space. Those picking up the 128GB version, ... (view more)

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Microsoft Surface Pro: Storage a Major Problem

According to a new report, Microsoft's Surface Pro tablet, which costs almost $900 and is due for release on February 9, 2013, suffers from some serious disk space problems. Specifically, the software that ships with the device leaves precious ... little room for a user's own software. In a new report, CNET says that, out of the box, the $899 64GB edition of the Surface Pro provides users with only 23GB of available storage space. CNET says it learned that information from Microsoft itself. Microsoft also admits that the $999 128GB version of the Surface Pro suffers from this issue. When first ... (view more)

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Apple Beware: RealNetworks, MTV and Verizon Wireless Create 'Rhapsody America'

In an effort to lure thousands of music fans away from Apple, RealNetworks has teamed with MTV Networks and Verizon Wireless to offer a digital music joint venture expected to rival iTunes, the iPod and even the new iPhone. The three companies plan ... to implement their technological takeover by making the MTV "Urge" music downloading service compatible with RealNetworks Rhapsody streaming software programs. While the merger will be made available to all U.S. customers via their PC music players, Verizon Wireless' VCast multimedia service will also be equipped with the new music system on their ... (view more)

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