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Happy Holidays from the Storm Worm

Has the Storm Worm passed? According to reports over the last few months, the danger has been minimized. And yet, some hackers still believe they can have a real impact with what was arguably the most popular bug of 2007. A recent Christmas-inspired ... version has been released and is reportedly bringing Storm back to its original potency. Since its debut almost a year ago, the Storm Worm -- which initially created headaches for IT employees, Internet providers, web site owners, and the average surfer alike -- appears to have been downgraded significantly. Like a hurricane passing over land, the ... (view more)

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Storm Worm Squashed?

Just when it seemed like those behind the Storm Worm were about to make a big profit off its ability to soak up personal details, a University of California researcher is reporting the virus' imminent demise. According to Brandon Enright, network ... security analyst at the U of C's San Diego campus, the Storm Worm has actually been shrinking in size and impact since sometime during this past summer. He says that despite the immense publicity surrounding the virus, it may soon cease to present a legitimate threat to computer and Internet users. Enright made the surprising argument at the Toorcon ... (view more)

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Storm Worm Continues to Scare

With Halloween fast approaching, there will no doubt be plenty of scary little things wandering around the streets in coming weeks. However, for a significant number of web users the scares have been going on for some time, and may not stop by ... November 1st. The "Storm Worm" has been having a thundersome impact on the web for some time now. It made its infamous debut by sucking in National Football League fans unwise enough to click on an email promising "free online game trackers" for pool or other purposes. The advertisement led directly to a website that appeared legitimate, but instead ... (view more)

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