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Renowned 'LulzSec' Hacker Could Walk Free

The United States government has recommended the court trying world-renowned hacker Hector Xavier Monsegur -- better known as " Sabu " -- show leniency. It's a controversial recommendation that could see the hacker walk out of court a free man later ... this week. Monsegur has been in custody since 2011. He was once was a part of international hacking group LulzSec , which carried out a series of cyber crimes against major corporations, such as Sony. The group has also waged hacking campaigns against the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), the U.S. Senate, and Infragard, a security ... (view more)

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US Think Tank Hacked by Anonymous

International hacking group Anonymous has struck again, this time infiltrating a US-based security think tank. Experts believe the group made off with email, home addresses, and credit card information. The think tank in question is Stratfor (which ... stands for "Strategic Forcasting") based in Austin, Texas. It's an economic, military and political consulting group that dispenses high-level advice, reports and analyses for which a who's who list of subscribers in the security industry and elsewhere are more than willing to pay. Confidential Client List Includes Army, MSNBC Experts ... (view more)

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