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'Zer0 0.8', and 'StudioLine Photo Basic 4.0.21'

Zer0 0.8 Zer0 is designed to help you to find and securely delete files once and for all. Just drag the targeted file into the delete box and it's gone forever. Features include a user-friendly interface and a high-security file deletion algorithm ... that makes file recovery virtually impossible. StudioLine Photo Basic 4.0.21 With a highly-accessible user interface and features that include image editing and archiving, StudioLine Photo Basic is one of the better freeware image editing programs on the market. This program lets you create unique effects for all of ... (view more)

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'StudioLine Photo Basic 3.70.56', and 'Media Player Classic Home Cinema'

StudioLine Photo Basic 3.70.56 StudioLine Photo Basic is a free software package that includes a wide range of useful features, including dual-monitor support, geo-tagging, image archiving, online album creation, and advanced file management! This ... program makes it easy to edit and share your photos with others. Media Player Classic Home Cinema Media Player Classic Home Cinema is an open-source media player designed for Microsoft's Windows operation system. It supports most video and audio file formats, is spyware-free, and won't annoy you with ... (view more)

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'StudioLine Photo Basic 3.70.37', and 'WhoIsThisDomain 1.66'

StudioLine Photo Basic 3.70.37 StudioLine Photo Basic 3 is a photo editing suite. Features include annotations, image resizing, create high resolution prints, and present your images as an on-screen slide show. Email registration / activation ... required. WhoIsThisDomain 1.66 WhoisThisDomain is a domain registration lookup utility that allows you to easily get information about a registered domain. It automatically connects to the right WHOIS server, according to the top-level domain name, and retrieves the WHOIS record of the domain. It supports both generic domains ... (view more)

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